July 4, 2008 1

Having a baby…

By in Main

…we aren’t.

If you ever happen to wonder to yourself “are Brandi and Jim going to have kids anytime soon?” it is important that you please refer back to this entry until further notice, because I’m pretty sure that having this dream the other night:

I manage to give birth to a baby girl in an unrealistically short 30 minutes of labor and delivery time, I put her in a canvas shoulder bag full of ice cream and forget about her, she freezes to death, I bring her hastily back to life and hope no one notices (I think Jim helped me microwave her back to room temperature), she then turns into a small kitten, and then I let her hunt for food on a public bathroom while I chat with a friend about how short my labor was.

…MIGHT be an indication that our decision to wait a few years or so before having kids was a good one. Unless we know we’ll have a kid-to-cat-morphing popsicle baby that can find treats in a bathroom stall. Then we’re totally covered.

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  • Chris

    Kitties are better anyway.