December 27, 2010 0

Using my iPad in traffic (in a good way!)

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Last night, my husband was driving us home from a delicious holiday dinner in the Akron area, when Jim happened to notice a car in the lane next to us with its front hood flapping up and down slightly. He mentioned to me that the person’s hood wasn’t closed, and I immediately remembered a horrible experience I had in high school, when the hood of the Celica I was driving wasn’t properly latched shut and had flown open while I was driving 55 MPH, slamming into the windshield and blocking my view completely.

I whipped out my iPad and drew the following sign, holding it up in the window while pointing at the hood of the girl’s car:

Sign I drew on my iPad for a girl driving on the freeway last night

Who knew the Adobe Ideas app would come in handy in such an unexpected way? It was so dark that I’m not sure the girl would have seen me in the car waving at her and she definitely wouldn’t have known why I was waving, so the iPad was definitely for that particular situation.

The girl nodded at me, grinning at the iPad sign, so I’m guessing she was aware of the hood issue and the hood was probably precariously tied down in some way that still allowed it to move a bit, but I felt infinitely better knowing that I had managed to find a way to communicate with her just in case. It was a cool random use of my already incredibly handy iPad. :)