June 28, 2009 0

Review: Regina Spektor – Far

By in Main

Has anyone checked out the new Regina Spektor album, Far since it’s release last week? I am absolutely loving it.

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Regina’s since Begin to Hope, and I was honestly pretty leery about her new album, simply because Begin to Hope is such a seriously solid album. As it turns out in this case, a seriously solid album can be followed by an equally solid album (I wouldn’t say it’s better than the last, but definitely stands up to the quality of it and is just as innovative).

I initially thought the album was a bit over-produced, but by the second listen-through, I was totally hooked and already catching myself humming a few of the tracks under my breath throughout the day. I love Regina’s voice, and the more I listen to the lyrics, the more I simply love this new album, which is exactly how I fell in love with her last album… a little unsure at first, but totally captivated by the second listen.

There just isn’t anyone else out there I’ve listened to who is able to really alter their sound and their voice and use the vocal effects that she does and still produce such a beautiful, strange sound. If you’ve enjoyed her past albums, you should definitely be checking this one out. :)

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